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Repeat Business Systems
Managing Technology, Installing Trust.


Repeat Business Systems provides printer and workflow management. Documents drive business processes. Whether they are paper or digital, your documents move information through your key business processes. Imagine your business running at peak productivity. A Workflow Analysis from Repeat Business Systems maps the flow of information through your core business processes with the goal of applying technology to streamline your business. This includes printer reduction, repair, and management, as well as software to improve workflow, document storage, and retrieval.


The first step is to discover your core business processes. We meet with key managers in your organization to determine the key workflows that drive your business. We also explore your business goals and the compliance regulations governing your industry. From there we prioritize business processes that could benefit from optimization.


We look at the flow of information through your core business processes. Stakeholders and end users are interviewed to get an end-to-end picture of the process. Print monitoring technology measures the volume of documents flowing through your output devices. While mapping the process, we are looking for bottlenecks, security risks, and compliance issues.


Our team of certified professionals will collaborate to make recommendations to improve your business processes. We’ll present our recommendations and collaborate to develop a custom solution to streamline the workflow.

Phased Implementation

Most of our clients appreciate our phased approach to rolling out new solutions. In addition to installing and configuring new technologies, our team will work to fully train your staff to ensure a smooth adoption of the new process.

To learn more about how you could benefit from a Workflow Analysis from Repeat Business Systems, contact us today at info@rbsalbany.com.