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If you’re like many organizations you’d like to find a way to control and reduce print usage. Print management solutions give you control over your printing department, even rerouting large print jobs to print devices with the lowest cost of operation. Print cost recovery solutions allow you to assign print costs to specific departments, users, or clients.

Choosing the right printer

Managing your printer costs starts with choosing the right equipment for your needs. The first thing to consider is usage. Will this printer support a whole department? Will it be used occasionally or frequently? Will it need to handle different paper types and sizes? Choosing the wrong printer could result in high operational costs.

Rules-Based Printing

Inside any print environment there are convenience printers with a high cost of operation along with network multifunction systems with a lower cost of operation. Rules-based printing allows you to re-route larger print jobs to network printers, reducing your total cost of printing. You can enforce duplex (two-sided) printing or limit the total number of pages per month to reduce paper usage. Popup windows ask users if they really need to print the document, reducing print usage and costs.

Access Control

Control access to printing, copying, faxing, and scanning features with print access control. Users can authenticate with their network passwords, employee ID cards, print cards. Whether you want to enhance corporate security or create a print-for-pay environment for public devices, we can help.

Print Accounting

Track print usage and assign costs to departments or clients with print accounting solutions. Professional services firms can assign print, copy, scan, and fax costs to specific client numbers, recovering costs and creating a new stream of revenue. Corporate or education environments can assign print costs back to departments or individuals.

Automated Delivery of Supplies

Is someone in your organization ordering and stocking toner on a regular basis? With automated delivery of printer and copier supplies there is never an issue of someone forgetting to place an order or running out. We offer a software solution that continually monitors printer toner levels and triggers an order for a replacement cartridge to be mailed to the printer's office location. Each cartridge will arrive labeled with the printer's location so that anyone receiving the order will know which machine it is for.

Managed Print Services

Most companies have a wide variety of printers and multifunction systems with multiple support contracts, supply types, and print drivers. Managed Print Services from Repeat Business Systems helps you reduce the cost and eliminate the hassles associated with managing your printers. More>>

Discover how you can control and reduce your print usage with print management and cost recovery solutions from Repeat Business Systems. Contact us today at info@rbsalbany.com for a complimentary consultation.