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Many organizations would like to enjoy the productivity, security, and compliance benefits of a document management system. However, many legacy documents still exist in paper format. You need a partner that can scan these documents, index them for storage, and integrate them into your document management system.

Backfile Scanning

Our team of experienced scanning professionals can make fast work of your scanning project. Whether you need us to come on site or would prefer us to bring your documents to our scanning facility, our team is ready to convert your paper documents to digital format.

Metadata for Indexing

As documents are scanned, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes all of your documents fully searchable. We also work with you to determine the metadata or indexing fields that you would like to include with each file. Similar to a tab on a paper file folder, these index fields help organize your information and make it fully-searchable.

Document Management

Scanned information can be imported into your document management system or saved into structured network folders. If you don’t have a document management system, our team of professionals can recommend, configure, and implement a document management solution for your organization.

To learn more about how you could benefit from our backfile conversion services, or to get a quote on your backfile conversion project, contact us today at info@rbsalbany.com.