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Repeat Business Systems
Managing Technology, Installing Trust.


With technology playing such a critical role in every organization, you need a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. We help you develop and manage a strategy to keep your technology running in case of disaster, ensuring that a technology problem or attack does not put you out of business.


Remote backups over the cloud eliminate the risk of forgetting to backup your network and the possiblity of a backup tape being lost or destroyed. Instead, we help you deploy an automatic backup to the cloud for each of your servers, desktops, and laptops.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

With your network backed up to the cloud you have the foundation for a disaster recovery strategy. If an individual user’s computer crashes, the user can work on a virtual desktop while their new computer is restored with all of their data. If the entire network is compromised due to a fire or natural disaster, users can access their desktops through a web browser while the network is rebuilt. All of the above ensures that your business continues even in the midst of a disaster. Plus, our team of field technicians can help you rebuild your network, computers, and office equipment if disaster strikes.

Cloud Services and Document Management

Repeat Business Systems helps you take business continuity to the next level with cloud services that move key business applications to the cloud. This ensures that you can run your business from any location. Similarly, Document Management technologies ensure access to paper-based information that has been scanned, stored, and secured. This ensures your paper information could be available after a fire or other natural disaster.

Business continuity is important. You need a disaster recovery strategy. Repeat Business Systems is here to devise a plan specifically tailored for the needs of your company. Contact us today at info@rbs-usa.com to learn more.