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Repeat Business Systems
Managing Technology, Installing Trust.

Paper and digital documents are the key vehicles by which information flows through your core business processes. We help you streamline the flow of information through your core business processes with document solutions.

Document Management

Create a secure, searchable repository of your paper and business information with Document Management software.  Not only will you be able to find the information you need in seconds, you’ll also be able to create a backup and disaster recovery strategy for your paper information. More>>

Data Capture, Routing, and Processing Solutions

Read data from scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. This data can be input into your business applications or used to route documents to specific destinations. All of this automates and streamlines your business processes. More>>

Print Management and Cost Recovery Solutions

Control print usage and reduce paper consumption with Print Management solutions that can automatically route high-volume print jobs to devices with the lowest cost of operation. Recover costs for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing and assign them to departments or clients. More>>

Repeat Business Systems can help you manage, secure, and automate your documents while reducing costs. Contact us today at info@rbsalbany.com to learn more.