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Repeat Business Systems
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How much time does your organization waste processing information? Manually entering data from forms or invoices not only takes time, it also opens the opportunity for mistakes. Fortunately you can now take advantage of capture solutions that automatically extract data from scanned documents. Not only can you improve productivity, you’ll also reduce errors.

Optical Character Recognition

The technology that enables automated data capture is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This software converts scanned text into editable text. Many companies use this to scan documents into formats like Microsoft Word for editing. But OCR can also be used to extract data from business forms like invoices. This data can be exported to your accounting system or used to index documents in a document management system.

Data Capture

Imagine being able to use your multifunction system to scan a stack of invoices, service tickets, or EOB forms and having the data automatically extracted and input into your line of business applications. Data capture technologies can automate key business processes freeing up your staff to focus on key initiatives.

Document Editing and Naming

Editing and naming scanned documents can be frustrating as users scan documents and then have to pull up the document on their computers. Now users can name and edit documents directly from the control panel of the same multifunction system they used to scan the document. From there, the document can be routed to the correct network folder, document management application, or email address.

To learn more about how your organization could boost productivity with data capture solutions from Repeat Business Systems contact us today at info@rbsalbany.com.