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Repeat Business Systems
Managing Technology, Installing Trust.

End the frustration of supporting your fleet of laser printers with Managed Print Services from Repeat Business Systems. We help you optimize your printer fleet and then assume the hassle of managing supply inventories, support tickets, and preventative maintenance. This allows your IT team to focus on core projects while controlling the cost of printing.


The first step is to analyze your current print environment. Non-invasive print monitoring software measures your current print usage by device and user. We can also interview key print users to learn about how they are using the devices. You’ll get full visibility into your print environment, your current costs, along with a full inventory of print devices on your network.


Based on the print data we collaborate with you to identify opportunities to optimize your print environment. Specifically, we look for printers that are over/under utilized, redundant devices, unreliable printers, security risks, and workflow bottlenecks. From there, we can prioritize ways to control and reduce print usage.


Our technical team can monitor your printer fleet remotely. When devices run low on toner we can automatically ship supplies to your location, reducing the expense of stockpiling costly print cartridges. Service issues can be identified and resolved. Help desk issues related to printers can also be routed to our team. All of this can be packaged in a predictable budget.


Over time we can work together to look for opportunities to improve your print environment. Ongoing data from the print monitoring software helps identify usage trends and problem devices. Print usage can also highlight areas for workflow improvement.

Ready to control print costs and free up your IT team? Contact us today at info@rbsalbany.com for a Print Assessment and to learn more about Managed Print Services.